Of the myriad places and moments we encounter, some of the most affecting are not subsequently recalled with ease. It often takes a fantastical point of reference to jolt anamnesis. Even then, what we perceive as memories revisited might be illusory glimpses of our subjective gaze - our reality is just our imagination twisted to conform to the natural limits of perception. So from some microcosm of shape, form, texture or color, we rebuild these hazy snippets into idealized, boundlessly influential experiences. Future similar sensations and encounters are immediately linked to these stylized markers, connecting points in our cognitive timeline. These “imaginary” places that we haunt serve an ultimate purpose; linking our past and present.

With this exhibition, I have strived to recreate this basic phenomenon. Vast landscapes, mundane man-made objects, and fleeting scenes of moving life are the moments we seek to recollect fully. These are then grouped with abstractions that share characteristics with their more subject-based partners. They might mirror content, color schemes, or composition, with the abstract image hopefully evoking the spirit or visual literacy of the previously noncontexualized scene as a means to simulate the progression and evolution of memory. Abstract images are valuable for their aesthetic value just as much as for the story that they tell; they are destinations and singular moments in and of themselves. 

Some visions are real and others are false. All are, on some level, imagined. The persistent combination of memory and imagination tugging at our legs moves us forward.